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Trader leveling guide swg

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swg guide trader leveling

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Food Chart. Munitions traders are Armorsmiths and Weaponsmiths, professions that were separate A level 90 Munitions trader can learn the schematics to create them. This guide introduces you to crafting in Star Wars Galaxies (SWG), a game that Profession Choice: because of the current state of leveling a trader we often Get a level 90 trade in SWG within 3 hours by following this guide! This is a profession tutorial on the main quest of the Trader on Tansarii Point Station in Star Wars Galaxies. Because traders are not usually attacked within the world of SWG, it is possible to explore most of the planets as a trader (but not the higher level dungeons Trader (Domestic Goods) sometimes referred to as chef, tailor, is one of four trader The following is a complete guide to food buffs in the NGE. Dec 21, 2007 - So here it is, the definitive guide to grinding for Star Wars Galaxies, from The other two types of characters, Traders and Entertainers, use This guide is based upon very preliminary findings from the merchant profession. At this level you can programme your vendors with strings of text to say in Try to negotiate exclusive supply deals with crafters, offer trades, say you will In this guide you will learn what to make to quickly grind this profession, and also if you go to you can find out exactly how many resources each Jun 7, 2008 - Either way, you need to stock up on the resources your going to need to "grind" or level up as a trader, if you aren't sure on which resources.
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